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Colonel Mustard

November 2, 2015

Well, we find ourselves in uncharted waters. I have been going to games for 54 years and I never thought I would see this day. So what do we do as fans at this point? Myself, I am a fan of our program not a particular player or coach. As such I will continue to support the program and cheer for the coaches and the team.

Nebraska fans expect two things from our team. Play like you are well coached and play like you care. At this point we are getting neither.

It is particularly puzzling that we have been flat the last two games. I have watched enough football to know that we are playing lethargically. Our staff has produced a litany of amateurish coaching mistakes. This is particularly disappointing from a veteran staff.

The latest mistake was trying to run the game plan through a rookie starting QB behind a porous pass blocking line – in the process ignoring the weak run defense of Purdue. But undeterred by failure we continued to pursue the plan until we were out of the game. It makes you wonder if Langsdorf was trying to prove something. Mike needs to show us what he is made of and take control of this team. Even if means overruling assistants.

We find ourselves in a difficult position again. We have going through this for the last 15 years. First we had overmatched Frank, then the incompetent and arrogant pro coach, bitter and fan-fighting Bo, and now lost and bewildered Mike. That thousand-yard stare on Saturday told you all you needed to know. I hope that it was all just a bad dream and I wake up and it never happened. The problem is that it has.

I will be there Saturday cheering them on and hope you do the same.


-- The Colonel




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