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Colonel Mustard

April 23, 2003

Well, for the second year in a row we played in lousy weather. The passing was difficult because of the rain. Hard to get a read on the QBs because of the green jerseys, but Glissman is fun to watch. He looks like Unitas, same number and build. He is slow but is a pretty good thrower.

Big picture is that we have a lot more talent than a year ago. Our offense has a ways to go. But the defense is better and much better coached. Bradley will need to get on the field in some capacity, even special teams. Our D-line got pushed around and that is not a good sign because our O-line isn't anything special. The D was faster and more athletic than a year ago. On offense, my man Pilkington is a nice possession receiver and Horne is the number-one guy. It appears that Barney will be more diverse in the passing game. As I have said for three years, get Davis in the game, even at wide receiver. He is the best open-field runner on the team. I still believe that Dukes is better than Lord, and every time I see both in person I believe it more. Who led the team to their only TD? Frank will have to decide between experience that is erratic and limited or inexperience that has the tools. Frank's call.

Hard to draw a lot of big conclusions because the staff didn't show much. But the talent and the coaching are much better. We will see if that will translate into wins this fall. But I believe that it will.

Keep the faith,
-- The Colonel



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