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Colonel Mustard

April 30, 1998

Overall I'm much more confident about the offense than I was before the game. But I am disappointed that London didn't win the QB job so Newcombe could play wingback, because I think we are a better team with him at WB. But it doesn't appear we can afford not to use Bobby at QB. He is so fast out of the option, maybe the fastest QB I have ever seen. He also makes good decisions on the option. I just hope he's durable enough for the position. Crouch is a better QB than Bobby, but Newcombe is a better athlete. Crouch is the better passer and runs the ball and the option well. He just needs more reps. London didn't look bad, but Bobby did so well.

The O-line did a fair job, but they have a ways to go. Our runners didn't stand out to me, but they were solid. Alexander looked explosive, but he did last spring too. So I hope he picks up in the fall where he left off this spring.

On defense you had to be impressed by the overall team speed. No one could block Kaiser. I was pleased with his quickness despite his weight gain. I don't think we can keep this guy off the field. The other lineman Gill was making plays, and I had never even heard of him. Our linebackers run down plays all over the field and are the deepest group I can remember. Our punter was lousy, but we have a freshman coming in to punt.
-- The Colonel



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