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Colonel Mustard

October 2, 2012

Even though I have attended 322 games over 51 seasons, I never lose the amazement and awe of our stadium in a big game.

Early in the fourth quarter Saturday, I stopped to look around and drink in the atmosphere. There is nothing like being in our stadium in a big game when our team is playing well. The entire stadium was moving and juiced up. We had made every mistake you could possibly make and yet the team pulled themselves off the mat.

As for the game, the offense is very talented and effective as long as they don't stop themselves. Burkhead does not seem to be completely healthy yet, but Abdullah is electric. We need to continue to focus on running the ball and passing when we choose to. Beck did a really good job of staying within himself Saturday.

Our defense couldn't stop Wisconsin in the first half and completely stopped them in second half. I have great confidence in Bo as a defensive coach. However, it is disconcerting to see so many late substitutions. There are many times they don't get lined up or do so at the last second. Hopefully this will improve as the season progresses.

You would think that when you have attended as many big games as I have, one would become callous to the atmosphere. But after all the games and all the years, I never lose the youthful joy and excitement of being in our stadium.

-- The Colonel



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