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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 2, 2000

A bad game against a bad team. We are very ordinary right now. That was one of the most disappointing games I have seen in a long time. And don't kid yourself -- Missouri is a bad team. We have no continuity on offense. Crouch has to do everything. We go long periods where we don't move the ball. Again we attacked a defense stacked to stop the run by running. They played the early downs with no safeties like Notre Dame did. They had 11 in the box. Our offense has not moved the ball consistently against two of the worst defenses in the country. These guys are the disappointment so far this season.

Our defense cannot control the line, so we can be run upon and we get no pass rush. The QB scrambles are killing us. Our tackling is terrible, even the experienced players. Our ends lost contain on many occasions. We had Vedral covering the WR on their long pass. It reminded me of Anderson covering Williams in the Orange Bowl many years ago. We stay in our base defense at the end of the first half with them in the two-minute drill. When we go to the nickel we use three safeties instead of corners. We look very confused on defense.

This team is going through the motions. We can only hope that they are playing to the level of their competition. But something is missing . We aren't very confident or something. Our team continues to give me a very bad feeling. We have got to get better quick. Crouch has just gotten through playing every play in games against two of the worst teams in the country. I think that says it all.

I travel to Des Moines every week and Iowa State is laying for us and they think they can win. That is another indication of how we are thought of.

-- A deeply worried Colonel
-- The Colonel



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