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Colonel Mustard

April 22, 1999

The offense was a mess and Eric was very slow on his reads in the passing game. He threw late and short. Cousin Matt pushed off and caught the long pass, but Eric just put it up for grabs. Eric didn't progess at all this spring.

Butler is a good runner and gives another option this fall. Bowling moved and caught the ball very well. We used the offset I and the wingbone look for the first time. Runty is a slow guy with a weak arm. If he has to play, we are in trouble. Perino moved pretty well and throws a nice ball. But he can't stay upright.

Getting Wiggins back is huge. The line looked fine, but it was hard to tell because our overall execution was so poor. On offense, this was the worst-looking Nebraska team I have ever seen in the spring. We could hardly move the ball at all. The defense was solid, but I don't know if it was because the offense was so bad. Warren was more active than at any time last year. Stella was all over the field and needs to play this year. He will make more plays than our returning speed linebackers. Craver is the real deal. He matched up with Cousinn Matt all day and stayed right with him. A kid from St. Edward named Slaney is big and looks like a terrific prospect at speed linebacker. Josh Brown is the kicker and the other kid is a stiff.

This whole spring seemed like a waste and left me very depressed and worried.
-- The Colonel



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