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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 18, 2005

That was a solid workman-like win over a fair opponent. Baylor is a team that we should beat but any win this year is a good one. The offense was OK but not anything special. I have seen progress from the offense on a game by game basis, but this week we leveled off. Zac did fine but he missed a couple of reads that resulted in FG's and not TD's. The defense played a good game, holding Baylor to 253 yards. This was the worst officiated game that I can remember.

The offensive line did a good job pass blocking and really struggled in the running game. Additionally the backs picked improper running lanes on plays that could have resulted in bigger gains. Zac took care of the ball but as I said missed some reads. Nunn is turning into a star and Hardy made a tough catch which was good to see. A great many points were left on the field between fumbles, and our overall lack of red zone efficiency hurt against Texas Tech and will bite us again. We averaged only 3.6 yards per carry in the ground game and that won't get it done. The passing game was just over 5 per attempt which isn't all that hot. I thought that the offense played a sluggish game and failed to progress. They were good enough to win and that was about it.

The defensive front 7 took over the game in the second half. They were as dominant as the secondary was shaky. Baylor wouldn't have scored if we hadn't had every penalty known to man called on us in the first drive and a lousy play by Bullocks. The safeties had a rough game and our corners reverted to Darlington-style of not looking for the ball. Our secondary is the weakest spot on the team so the front 7 must continue to excel to cover that weakness.

The special teams were outstanding in all facets. Grixby's punt return was a big play and Congdon converted his opportunities. Koch punted as well as their All-American and that negated an advantage Baylor typically has.

We got the win we needed and are within one of a bowl which is a huge deal to this team. Missouri is a swing game in that it will let us know if we are headed to a minor bowl or the Big 12 championship game. They are favored and should be at home. Their coach is under pressure and he needs to win this game. Missouri has probably the best offense and the worst defense in the North so our offense needs to come up big for us to win. I believe that this a a pick-em game that is too close to call. A win Saturday would indicate that our program is making real progress.

Keep the Faith GBR
-- The Colonel



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