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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 11, 2005

That was a great football game. For the first time in Bill’s tenure I see progress. Our team showed tremendous heart to comeback from down 21. Last year’s team and Frank’s last two teams would have folded in that situation. The defeat was both disappointing and encouraging. Sure we had the game won and made an unfortunate mistake but we have received breaks in the last two wins. When you play on the razor’s edge as we do sometimes the breaks cost you. As I suspected Texas Tech is a good and not a great team. With a +3 turnover ratio they should have won comfortably.

On offense we saw the Thunder and Lightning of the future in Glenn and Lucky. Both played very well and add a dimension to our offense. Again it begs the question where have they been all year. But that is a question for another time. Zac made some mistakes and needs to be crisper with his ball handling but he is a gamer. I like the way he handles himself. He is a leader. Nunn is a star and we have established a good supporting cast at WR. LeFlore is now becoming a factor and that is good to see. The line had a solid game with the massive exception of Thomas. We must have somebody better than this guy. Note to coaches. Recruit corners, safeties, and o-lineman. Overall this was the best performance by the offense all year.

On defense it is a tale of 2 games. In the first quarter it was the Germans in Poland in 1939. That was better match-up that this. Cosgrove adjusted and his defense did a good job in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. The stops early in the 3rd after turnovers kept us in the game. McKeon continues to make big play after big play. He is the MVP of this defense. Carricker is still unblockable and losing Bradley will hurt a great deal. The secondary is extremely shaky. Our safeties miss tackles and corners play very soft. Bowman hasn’t been as good as he was hyped to be, but maybe he was over-hyped. From a strategy standpoint we can’t play our corners 7 yards off the ball on 4th and 2 with the game on the line. At that point if they get burned so be it. With Cosgrove do you give him credit for adjusting or ask why we didn’t open with that game plan. Note to coaches. Recruit corners, safeties and 0-linemen.

The most important point about this game was the progress that the team showing. The heart and the ability to make in-game adjustments that were lacking for the last 3 years was a good sign. We have a QB who is a leader and a gamer. I continue to be more impressed with him all the time . Every game the rest of the year could easily go either way. So get used to the razor’s edge you will be there the rest of the season.

Keep the Faith (finally we have a reason to) GBR
-- The Colonel



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