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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 4, 2002

This is not a preview, but more a review of the week's events.

First — and this will be the last comment on last week's game — Ricketts is getting vilified unjustly. Darlington said it was his decision to not let Groce cover Danielsen. He said he leaves his left corner on the left and the right corner on the right. So now all future opponents know that all they have to do is put their best receiver out to the right and he will never see Groce. This is the best example of our coaching problems that I can think of. Darlington's boneheadedness allowed Iowa State to neutralize the best player on the team.

At quarterback, the staff apparently has decided it's not worth burning Dukes' redshirt at this point. That's hard to argue with, but he really should have been playing all along. The defensive changes are good but not complete enough. In any case, I will be there cheering and hoping for the best.

One more thing — Root hard for Kansas on Saturday. We don't want anything to interfere with getting Steele back.
-- The Colonel



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