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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 19, 1998

Just what we needed -- a smash-mouth night with Kansas. They have always been the cure for what ails us. We played tight formations with the Maryland I, and it was very effective. They have such a bad run defense that I' m still not sure it proves anything. Newcombe played more than I thought he should have. He is definitely hurt, and it messes up the timing of plays. Evans needs to sit until he can play full strength. Alexander finally ran like he is capable of, and letting Makovicka catch passes and run in the open field should scare the daylights out of little DBs. The new line rotation was a great idea. Gessford should play tackle, and it lets our talented young guards play more. The line and the backs just played with a lot more fire all the way around.

The defense did a good job on a fair offense. But that is an improvement because last week we made a struggling offense look good. Missouri will be a difficult test for our run defense with their big backs. I'd like to see us crowd the line and let old Corby try to beat us with the pass.

Remember that Kansas, A&M and Oklahoma State played even games against each other. If we stay aggressive and play with emotion and fire, we can beat anyone in the country. If we play flat, we have almost no margin for error. Newcombe continuing to play with a obvious injury and maybe being lost for the sesason is our Achillies' heel.
-- The Colonel



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