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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 7, 2005

It is hard to sugar-coat the fact that an inexperienced mid-level 1-AA team took us deep into the 4th quarter. That is frightening. Many of the offensive problems of last year persisted into the new season. The defense and special teams both were improved a great deal from last year. On the whole this was one of the most boring games that I have ever seen.

The defensive line was dominant and the increased depth was evident. I was very impressed with Bradley. He was everywhere during that game. He is a hustler, chasing a punt all the way into the end zone. With Bradley, McKeon, and Rudd it appears we have playmakers at all the linebacker positions. Octavian’s loss was unfortunate but least a red shirt should still be an option. Bowman is an impressive athlete. He is everything that was advertised. I felt that both Grabby and Green did a good job in coverage. There were some assignment busts, but hopefully that will improve with experience in working together. Overall the defense dominated as it should have in this game.

The special teams were impressive other than the missed PAT. I think that Nunn will take over as the punt returner. He is fun to watch in the open field. Koch had a fine season last year and continued this week. Overall a great improvement in the execution and strategy.

The offense never took control of the game. Even at the end when our superior depth should have taken over we couldn’t dominate. The offensive line was a big disappointment. Where the defense dominated an inferior opponent the offense could barely hold their own. The play-calling in the running game needs more imagination. Ross had 50 yards in 19 carries if you take out his one long run. Jackson seems to be this year’s Tierre Green running the same play every time he carries. Lucky missed some holes, but is going to be star. He is very quick and is of those guys who always seem one step from gone. Receiver is team strength with Nunn and Hardy and a healthy Brooks, Leflore, and Fluellen. Zac has a good arm and his throw to Hardy was perfect. He had a couple dropped and missed badly on a couple of throws but I believe that he will be good QB when he gets some more game experience. He is immobile and so the line situation is critical. He also locks on to his primary receiver and therefore telegraphs his throws. That needs to be fixed or he will continue to throw picks.

As I promised I am not going to over-react to the first game. But the offensive struggles against this caliber of opportunity are a cause for deep concern.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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