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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 26, 2008

We continue to win the games that we should win, and that bodes well for Friday. That was a solid victory in Manhattan, with good efforts from both the offense and the defense. Ganz made his typical one mistake per game and the defense gave up two long passes. We gave up another long kickoff return, and that is disturbing because that has been a problem all year. Helu had another terrific game and confirmed his position as our most dangerous offensive weapon. Both lines played their best game of the year. The defensive line is improving every game, and we seem to have solidified the offensive line rotation. Overall the offense moved the ball at will and other than two big plays the defense stopped them cold. K-State is playing poorly, but we beat them soundly as we should have.

Now we face a Vermin team that is playing poorly but needs a win to qualify for a bowl game. They have been riddled with injuries and have had QB problems all year. We are playing our best football of the year and the team is very confident at this point in the season. Thus far this season we have won every game and lost every game that we should have. We split the two swing games with Kansas and VT. This season has gone very much according to form and this definitely is a game we should win. The prize for a victory appears to be the Gator Bowl. The Gator is the only traditional bowl we have never played in. Playing in a high-profile New Year's Day bowl game in a fertile recruiting area would be a great achievement for Bo's first season. But the most important advantage of a bowl game to us is the extra practice time, regardless of the bowl destination. We need to hold serve one last time and the bowl destination will take care of itself. No matter what happens on Friday, our team has continued to improve as the season progressed and that is the most encouraging sign.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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