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Colonel Mustard

November 23, 2011

I am sorry I have not been a more frequent contributor this year. My schedule has made it difficult to be involved.

Like many of you, I have been disappointed and frustrated by blowout losses and a lack of consistency this year. But we need to look at the big picture as to where our program is. We still have the opportunity to have a 10-win season. When Tom fired your pro coach, he said that nine-win seasons are the standard that our coaches are judged on. If we can win one of the last two games, Bo will have met that standard each year. In four years, he has won or shared three division titles. The previous two seasons we have been within one second and one play of a league title. Considering the disaster that your pro coach produced, this is progress. Bo is a young head coach and still maturing into his job.

To put this situation in historical perspective, Tom's fourth team was preseason No. 1 in the polls. We finished 9-3-1 and in the Bluebonnet Bowl and 4-3 in the Big Eight. His third team was in the Fiesta Bowl (equivalent to the Gator Bowl today) and his fifth in the Liberty Bowl. He finally broke out in his sixth year and beat Oklahoma to win the league. The Bobfather's sixth and seventh teams didn't go to a bowl at all. What would have happened if we had forced either of those coaches out?

This running battle between the fans and Bo makes me very uncomfortable. I see no good coming out of this for the program. Hopefully we can win on Friday and this will die down. But long term, it needs to be toned way down. I have said all along that Bo is the right guy, and I still believe that. He has brought the program back from the dark days of your pro coach. He has put us in position and has been close to a breakout to the championship level.

Once you jump on the coaching-change carousel, it can be difficult to make the music stop so you can get off.

-- The Colonel



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