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Colonel Mustard

September 14, 2011

The season is off and running, and what have we learned in the first two weeks? Martinez is still a erratic player with flashes of spectacular and awful plays. The offensive line is young but at this point is not effective. Turner and Abdullah have shown that they can be dynamic playmakers. Kinnie just needs to catch the ball; his drops have hurt our offensive consistency. No. 22 is, as he has been his entire career, a great football player and a money player. He was terrific in the last TD drive last week. If I had one play to win a game I want the ball in his hands. His running style reminds me of the great Richard Berns. Hopefully this offense can continue to develop and create a personality. But at this point we do not do anything consistently well. As many have said, we need to get the ball in our young playmakers' hands more often. Beck started to do this late in the Fresno game.

The most disconcerting thing from the Fresno game was how they were able to run right through us. We have had trouble stopping the run in last few years, but these guys were blowing us off the ball. It is obvious that we miss Dennard a great deal. Stafford is the real deal and he is a difference maker for us. Despite our struggles this past week, experience would tell you that the Pelinis will get this figured out.

It seems as though we have an endless supply of kickers. Maher has done a great job with both the punting and the kicking duties. It is surprising with the depth of talent on the roster that we don’t cover kicks better.

The bottom line is that we need to improve to challenge for a Big Ten title. (It still seems strange to say Big Ten title). We have to assume that Bo and Carl will figure the defense out. We have hope that Beck’s offense jells and becomes more productive. Isn’t it great that the season has started and we have these things to discuss.

-- The Colonel



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