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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 31, 2003

Well, for the first time this year we play a team with clearly superior talent. Texas as always has as much talent as any team in the country. The talent doesn't always translate into a great team. This year I believe they have a good but not a great team. The Arkansas game was more encouraging for us than the Oklahoma game. Oklahoma is probably the best team in the country and will make a lot of teams look bad. But the way Arkansas ran on them is encouraging.

Their offense creates some unique challenges because they have a mobile QB and multiple good WR's. Most teams we play, like O-State, have one great WR and a group of fair ones. I believe we can stop their running game as we did last year. I think Benson is over-rated. It will be very interesting to see how Bo attacks them, because they just killed us with the pass last year. If we can stop the run and find a way to slow the passing game and not let Young bust a big scramble on us, that will keep us in the game. I believe we must create turnovers to stop them, and fortunately we are good at it.

On offense, I think we run right at them and stick to it. This also worked last year and has been effective for other teams this year. Option and power running. Find the I-back with the hot hand and stick to him. This is a game that we really need Kriewald -- his blocking skills fit this strategy. Much like against Southern Miss, we need to hit a couple of big passes to win. But we need to pick our spots and not put Lord into must-pass situations. If we don't have any offensive turnovers, we have a great chance to win.

The bottom line is that this will be a close and probably low-scoring game. But our preferred strategies should be effective in this game. I believe we need a big play of some kind -- a blocked punt, kick return or a long pass -- to win. That and win the turnover battle, and this one will go right down to the end. The team seems confident, and I can't remember a more interesting game for us in a while. Win tomorrow and we probably won't have to win against the vermin to win the north. This game will be a great gauge of how our rebuilding is progressing.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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