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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 26, 2007

The Pro Coach experiment is finally over and we can all move on. Few if any Nebraska coaches have ever accomplished less with more than Bill. I wish him luck and I feel certain that he will be a pro coordinator by next season. He has always been uncomfortable here and coaching in the pros is what he is best suited for anyway. I feel badly for the players that they will miss a bowl game. If Tom’s search goes quickly the new coach could have handled the bowl game. I also feel badly for the assistants who at this point are caught in limbo. The game Friday again illustrated our inability to overcome adversity. I think Ganz has talent and the team likes playing for him. If he is going to start next year he is going to have to stop throwing into coverage. But next year’s team is a discussion for another day.

We have heard that Bo has been interviewed and Turner will be soon. It also appears that Grobe is being interviewed although that is not confirmed. I am very pleased that Tom is moving quickly with the process. We learned four years ago how bad it is when the process is drags on. I believe that you will hear that at least two more current HC’s will be interviewed. Kelly and Johnson will be hot names this off-season and could both possibly move to new jobs. Grobe, Johnson and Kelly all have strong resumes including championships at D-II, 1-AA and the ACC. Turner and Bo understand the culture here and are gaining stature in the coaching ranks.

Turner has been a HC for only two years and Bo has never been a HC, so they both carry some element of risk. This is a crucial decision because we cannot afford another hiring mistake. My hunch is that it won’t be Turner or Bo; it will be a current head coach with more experience. Tom in many ways is risking his legacy with this hire. I feel that he has the job he has always wanted and now has a chance to turn us around. My guess is Grobe will emerge as the frontrunner. That is just my guess and not based on any information or rumor. From everything I have read and heard, he would suit our situation very well. I have faith in Tom and am supportive of whoever he picks. Let’s hope next year at this time we are speculating on the bowl opponent and not the next coach.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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