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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 25, 2004

That was a pitiful performance. The worst Nebraska team that I have seen since '61 — a totally unmotivated, poor effort. It appears that the players don't want to play for these coaches. Tackling is a combination of athletic talent and desire. Obviously we need better athletes and tackling has been a problem for a couple years. But our team was lifeless. Cousin Matt said from the sidelines in the first quarter that the defense was showing no fire on the bench. Our defense looks slow, and part of that is a result of their not being sure what they are supposed to do and where they are supposed to be. Bohl's defenses exhibited that trait constantly. We have gone back to a read-and-react scheme that Charlie ran before Steele got here. The pros are all running attacking defenses. But we have much bigger problem than the schemes on our team. Attitude, confidence, motivation — call it what you will. Our team doesn't look ready to play.

Tom's '91 team quit on him in the Oklahoma game and Frank lost his team several times, most notably before the McNeese State game in '02. But particularly on defense, this team has lost its intensity. I know we miss Williams but how can a team starting a QB who couldn't get the plays in two weeks ago run though us like water? Something is very wrong here and Bill needs to get it figured out, and quick. See how the coaches react this week; if they are blaming the players ,we will know what is wrong and that is a red flag. For our offense and defense to be helpless against a midlevel K-State team starting an inexperienced backup QB is unacceptable. Last year we were competitive with good teams and only lost one game that we shouldn't have. We were blown out by great teams ,and that is what this staff was supposed to fix. I didn't expect them to fix in one year, but we have regressed. We are now getting blown out by good teams. We have good but not great talent. But a lack of talent doesn't explain what has happened to us midseason. If we want to see our talent gap with great teams, we will in Norman. Our inability to adjust and stop K-State and not getting the ball to two of our best playmakers in Ross P. and Herian also is a coaching problem.

So we have a unmotivated and at times confused team. Where do we go from here? Our coaches need to step up here and coach them up. Franchione had a terrible A&M team last year, and they are very good this year. His history is a story of second-year improvement. Bill had problems in his second year, but that was in the pros. He needs to do something now to save this season. I wish I felt more comfortable that he can turn us around. His salary and the controversy surrounding his hire gives him more pressure than someone like Bo would have had. Fair or unfair, that is the truth.

What do we as fans do now? I know that apathy is starting to grow here. Even the softball World-Herald called us the Little Red. Some people are bitter and others have become indifferent. I have friends who are intense fans who are not going to the game this week. As for myself, I am going to the game and root harder than I ever have because our team needs its fans now more than ever. The coaches need to do a much better job because what they are doing isn't working. They are highly paid professionals and need to get this sorted out. I am going to root for our players and hope for better out of our coaches.

GBR. Keep the Faith (now more than ever).
-- The Colonel



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