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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 9, 1998

A solid win over a really bad team. Crouch and Alexander are starting to gel.

Now, on to K-State. WE ARE GOING TO WIN. Mark it down. They have the old Oklahoma syndrome about us. They are going to choke. We are going to hit Bishop when he gets off the bus and he will make a big mistake. We have nothing to lose and are going to be very loose. Our coaches need to be very aggressive and creative. Be careful of their kick returner Allen, and they will hit a long pass or two on us.

We need to throw on first down some to loosen them up and then ram it right at them. They are No. 1 and ESPN is coming and so is Nebraska and they have everything to lose. This game makes our season, and if Missouri loses this week and can beat K-State next week, we are in the Big 12 championship game and have another chance at one of the Texas teams.

The bottom line is we know they can't beat us and in their heart of hearts so do they. Start putting your game face on now. This is the kind of game we live for and they have never won.
-- The Colonel



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