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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 10, 1997

The greatest finish I've ever seen -- being there was truly a privilege. My cousin Matt from Tecumseh made the best catch in our history. Frost proved me wrong on the long drive in the last minute. I never thought he could pull off something like that. The comeback reminds me of the '64 Minnesota and '66 Colorado games (and of the Sooner magic that so often killed us late). Colonel Jr. was a mess during the whole fourth quarter, and his language was a problem for his mom.

The discouraging thing is how poorly our defense was coached. Mizzou's receivers weren't just open, they were all alone. MU was moving the ball the same way the whole game, and we made no adjustments. On their last score our backs were all looking at Walker like he should have covered the MU guy. We were terribly confused.

Newcombe didn't handle the ball a whole lot, but he sure made an impact. (Funny how every time the ball goes to him, I'm instantly on my feet, just like when Johnny Rodgers was playing.) I got to talk to Jack Pierce at the pregame and asked if we should get two QBs and leave Newcombe at WB. He said that Newcombe is too quick not to play QB.

After the game I went down and shook Cousin Matt's hand, and being there on the field was one of my favorite moments ever at a Nebraska game. We dodged a huge bullet, because we were as good as dead. We need to take advantage of this, shore up the pass defense, run the table from here on out and see if they won't give us that Sears trophy one more time.
-- The Colonel



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