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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 27, 2003

Seventh verse in eight games -- great defense, special teams and in this case almost no offense. We got a lead and then went into a shell. Frank has done this continually. We played our reserves, and that was the most important thing. But we missed a great chance to work on our passing game with no pressure. Iowa State was never going to score -- they were simply overwhelmed.

On offense we continue to have 5-yard penalties that this offense can't overcome. We have enough trouble moving the ball without putting ourselves in a hole. It is too late in the year for this to be happening with the frequency that it is. We have reverted to reverses and clever plays to move the ball. I admire that we are trying different things. But they had 10 guys in the box and we still run an option into it. Seven passes is not going to cut it in the next four games. That is why it is so unfortunate that we missed the chance to work on it. It seems as though the I-backs alternate looking good from week to week. This week it was Ross, and as I have said what we need to do is play all three and go with the hot hand on that day. Lord's injury gave Joe a chance to play, and he didn't do much with it. I was hoping he would come up with a big play in his extended opportunity, but that didn't materialize. He also indicated that he didn't comfortable with his level of preparation for the game. Dukes said the same thing. Why is it that Notre Dame, Florida and Georgia Tech all can get freshmen ready to play and we can't? Joe had a mixed day -- he executed the screen very well, but he missed open receivers and let one sail on the interception. He has a nice feel for the option. I just don't know why we didn't let him throw instead getting pounded on options into 10 men.

On defense and special teams we are taking advantage of our athletes. Both blocks were great individual efforts. Johnson continues to play better as the season wears on. The entire front four played well. We took a bad offense and made it look worse.

I will do a preview of Texas on Friday. It's now the make-or-break part of our season. It is games like Texas that you have to love, not blowing out Utah State. Unlike last year we have a defense and special teams that will keep us in every game. The offense needs to hang onto ball and we will be in this one to the end.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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