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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 20, 2003

Well, they lost that game as much as we won it. Of the 8 turnovers, there were about 4 takeaways and about 4 giveaways. But any win is a good one. They surprised me by not playing Lewis and Long sooner. Also, they were having success with the shotgun option early but then went away from it. Their overall talent level is down and we played a turnover-free game. After next week in each game we must be in plus turnovers to win. Bo's boys will get us some, and if we hang onto the ball like Saturday we have a chance in each of those games.

The defense was back to its old self again, attacking and creating turnovers. They moved the ball some, but they kept dropping it. I don't know that I have ever seen a team have so much trouble just holding onto the ball. Bo was very creative with formations and match-ups. Ruud lined up outside the right end to blitz and Johnson was at middle linebacker in one set. Williams was on both ends and in the middle. Teams had schemed to stop Williams, so Bo moved him around. No wonder our guys love playing for this guy.

The offense ran the ball very well and the line handled A&M. They have a lousy defense and we pushed them around as we should have. The passing game was nonexsistent to limit turnovers. Seven passes won't fly with Texas and K-State. Lord did a good job on the option and both I-backs ran hard. Joe made a great throw -- that was a throw that very few of our recent QBs could have made -- perfect touch on the dead run. This kid has terrific skills. Lord is a great athlete trying to play QB. Joe has great QB skills. As I have said, we will need him before the year is out. I think that both Horne and Kriewald are playing better than the starters. I would love to see what Joe, Horne and Kriewald could produce with 70 snaps together.

Kyle Larson is amazing -- he and Williams have to be All-Americans. Let's let Ross return punts; Davis makes too many bad decisions back there.

Another win with our '03 formula for success. This week should be a breeze, and then we get into the meat of the schedule. The last 4 games will be real interesting; they will tell how far we have progressed on the road back.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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