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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 18, 1997

That was the coldest game day I can remember. It brought back memories of Oklahoma '93 and Missouri '78. You know it's bad when the Val's pizza guy walks by and you're thinking that a couple of hot slices would be nice -- to stuff into your boots to save your toes from falling off. Even the Colonel Jr., adolescent metabolism and all, couldn't stay warm.

Iowa State has really gone downhill. They are just plain pathetic, but still they had guys running free in our secondary and might've made some things happen on a less windy day. Our secondary can't cover anybody, and we simply have got to keep the pass rush pressing or we will have trouble in Boulder with the Vermin and down the road with A&M and FSU.

I love the WB option and just can't get enough of it. And it would be great to see Alexander run behind the top O-line. He just splatters tacklers like no one else I have ever seen.

We can't smash the Vermin bad enough to suit me. A&M is improving and is starting to worry me.
-- The Colonel



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