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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 5, 2001

That was a very bad Kansas team. The defense just overwhelmed them. Our offense is kind of like the pros ... just enough to win. We were inconsistent again. We had a lot of trouble getting them blocked, and there was a great deal of penetration. That is disappointing because they have a poor run defense. Once again the special teams were exceptional. The blocking on the punt returns was very good. Davis is going to break a kickoff return. He is electric and his timing on hitting the wedge makes him very special. I will preach about this until it changes. He needs to get some touches from scrimmage. Diedrick running in the fourth quarter of a blowout is not what we need.

Our defense came to play and it is hard to find anything to complain about. I was impressed with Smith; he is making more plays as the year goes on. Ricketts did another great job in coverage. Canton and Bingham are disruptive on the inside. Oklahoma couldn't get them blocked. I know Kansas isn't good, but that was an impressive performance. This group gains confidence every week. They are the strongest unit on the team.

As I said, the offense was sluggish and seemed uninspired. 7 was erratic throwing. He missed several easy throws ... to both Thomas and Wistrom, and the balloon he threw in the first quarter. But he also made a couple of beautiful throws. Diedrick runs with more power every week. The blocking was not all that great and he did a good job of running through tackles. Ringenberg will be a star. He has great hands and catches the ball very smoothly. He runs good routes. We have a wealth of talent at TE. Davis needs to play a bigger role here, much the same as we are using Collins.

K-State's win over Iowa State surprised me, not the win but the margin. They ran the ball, and ISU can't stop the run. So I am sure that was the key to the game. They come to Lincoln healthier and more confident than they have been all year. I know they have had injury problems in both lines. Roberson has talent but is erratic. I think we can rattle him. Scobey is a good back but we stopped him last year. They will try to run right at us. Their defense is highly rated but it usually is and we always seem to move the ball on them. They may be coming around, but I can't see them beating us in Lincoln at 7's last home game. The crowd should be pumped.
-- The Colonel

P.S. I hear that LeFlore's commitment might be wavering. Colorado is making a push. He would be wrong to change because he could easily be a four-year starter for us.



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