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Week of Oct. 20, 1996

SOME FORMULA: I can't help but roll my eyes when these morons on the tube yak and yak about the "Arizona State Formula" for beating Nebraska. What a joke! Here's the real Arizona State formula: Catch the Huskers on a night when they aren't putting out the effort. It happened once, but it ain't likely to happen again in '96. Down in Lubbock on Saturday, the effort was there, but we got sloppy -- real sloppy. Tech played inspired defense, and their crowd was pumped, but when we weren't getting in our own way, we were moving the ball. The penalties, the turnovers, the dropped passes -- we tried to lose to this team and just couldn't.

SCAIRDY GATORS: When that 10-10 halftime score was posted, the biggest cheers had to be coming from Gainesville, Fla. Just like a year ago, the Gators are really smokin'. But I guarantee they do not want to have to mess with us again come January, and our defense is the reason. That was a potent running attack we held in check on Saturday. And now our D hasn't given up a TD in three and a half games. The offense is another story, of course. Remember in the first quarter when the long pass to Holbein was overthrown by a foot or two? The crowd I was with was actually encouraged by that, like, "All right! You could actually tell who he was throwing it to!" This is how far we've lowered the bar.

RANDOM GRIPE: Just six carries for DeAngelo? C'mon, Tom, he's too good to let sit!

THE SIGLER WATCH: A few of you younger types have come up to the Colonel with puzzled looks and asked, "Who the heck's Ernie Sigler, anyway?" Well, Ernie was our best QB in 1967-68, the back-to-back 6-4 seasons in which the Huskers scored a dismal 14.1 points per game. His career passing rating was 106.1. For those who must know, our current QB is at 110.9 right now.
-- The Colonel



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