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Week of Sept. 15, 1996

As usual, I've got a little advice to pass around:

  • Dr. Tom: Put in DeAngelo! Ahman is surely the man right now, but the other guys between him and DeAngelo on the depth chart are just filling space and and wasting everyone's time, including mine. Put the kid in. Let him develop. He's the only one who can push Ahman.
  • Milt Tenopir: Admit it: moving Aaron Taylor from guard to center wasn't such a good idea, was it? The O-line was ordinary against Michigan State. If our earthmovers don't get it done against Arizona State, Taylor should go back where he belongs.
  • Charlie McBride: Don't come unglued when Jake Plummer, the ASU ball-slinger, smokes our secondary for a score or two. Plummer is a feast-or-famine kind of guy. He will make some great plays, but he'll make just as many costly mistakes.
  • Kenny Cheatham: Where'd you get those hands? Is it too late to return them for a refund? Seriously, my man, you have the talent to go places, but not if you forget to bring the ball.
  • All you fans out there: The Spartans burned our true-freshman CB, Ralph Brown, and they won't be the last ones to do it. But before you pin the "Toast" tag on young Ralph, remember that the same thing was happening a year ago to Michael Booker -- who turned into the defensive MVP of the Fiesta Bowl.
  • One more for Dr. Tom: How about listening to me for a change? I was the guy in the 37th row who spent four long years screaming "Get the ball to Nate!" You remember Nate Turner: 6-foot-2, 230, wide receiver, good speed, soft hands -- and zero TDs as a Husker.
    -- The Colonel



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