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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 3, 2001

Solid performance against a bad team. We looked kind of flat. This team needs to play a big game. Iowa State thinks they can beat us, but unless we overlook them we should score at will. Their QB scares me some, but our defense is getting better every week .

What can you say about Crouch's run? He may not win the Heisman, which is given to the best player in the country. But if there were an MVP award he would surely win it. We have a good team, maybe even a very good team, with a unbelieveable player. He will have to carry the team against Oklahoma and K-State.

Gibson can't drop passes like he did on Saturday, first down in hand and he drops it. They block a FG and go down and score. It was a huge momentum shift. It didn't matter Saturday, but in a big game it will. Our I-backs averaged only 3.5 yards on 38 carries. That is 2 yards short of the production that we need. Our offense is not as crisp as it needs to be; we have to get more I-back production. I was amazed to see on 3rd and 15 Wistrom is open when everyone in the house knew that is where Crouch was going. Putting Collins on the wing and throwing a pass to him was what I have been saying all year. Look for the same thing out of Davis. He needs more touches from scrimmage.

Shanle had a great game. He gets pulled on passing downs, but he did a good job on Blakeley. I still don't see enough consistant pressure on the passer. But you have to be impressed with our young athletes on defense. They will be tested this week. Iowa State does have a good offense. I don't know what to make of the kicking situation. It doesn't seem that this back and forth is a good thing. But I don't have a better answer. The return, coverage and punting games are as strong as they have ever been. As I have said, that is a reflection of the overall athletic talent on this team and a great job of coaching.

We need to jump these guys early. They are trying to be confident. But if we get out to an early lead, their young team will fold. Ol' Senaca never saw anything like this in J.C.
-- The Colonel



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