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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 12, 2007

Well, that was a lot of fun on Saturday. The outcome was as shocking as the '05 Vermin game. We played with fire and emotion that has been lacking this season. I am extremely happy for the players and especially Grixby. I thought that his kick return was the most important play of the game. The key was that we were able to generate a pass rush and they were not. Ganz was able to step up in the pocket and make the deep throws all day. Freeman didn't have a good day, but he was under pressure the entire game. I am constantly impressed with how important emotion is in college football.

Ganz had a great day and maybe he should have been playing all year. But there was a lot more to this game than just his play. It looked like a completely different team playing Saturday. It is an interesting discussion point to wonder what our record would have been if we had played this way all year.

Bill clearly ran the score up on Saturday. I think he trying to say to the fans "See what you will be missing if I get fired." I believe it wasn't about Prince and Freeman. We now stand at 5-6 and needing to beat the Vermin to become bowl-eligible. Would Tom retain Bill if he makes it to a bowl game? Tom has to decide, but the team has underachieved so badly that one win shouldn't affect the decision. It is clear from Bill's agent's incredibly unprofessional and poorly expressed comments that they're very tired of us. I know many of us are equally tired of him. His actions and the words of his agent are of a man who wants to move on at this point. I believe as I have expressed before that Bill has never been excited about the college game or Nebraska. Steve needed a coach after botching the search, and Bill needed a place to land. This was a marriage of convenience. If Tom retains Bill, there is going to have to be a lot of damage control from both the AD and coach.

If Tom decides to replace Bill, I would favor a current college head coach. The exception would be Bo for reasons we are all familiar with. The last three coaches including Tom had never been a college HC before. I would like to avoid the OJT that we have seen. Other than Bo and Turner, my strong favorites would be Grobe, Johnson and Kelly. The next two weeks will be a strange period of time as speculation will continue. This can't be over soon enough for me so the program can move on.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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