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Colonel Mustard

Jan. 1, 2002

OK, here is how I see it.

When we have the ball we will start with our power game and use 7 as an I-back as well as our Maryland I. Mix in the play-action and some option. They don't like the option, but against any speed defense it is usually better to run right at them. We have to see how they react to the option; it will look like lightning compared to the teams they have seen. Look for more option when Collins is in the game. Collins is important. He needs at least 15 touches; he is our game-breaker. 7 can't get off to the terrible start that he had at Colorado, or we won't recover. He needs to calm down and play his game. The key to victory is for both Diedrick and 7 to have at least 20 carries apiece. Wistrom will do something special in this game; he is healthy and due. Power running with a mix of option to see how they play it. Don't give up on power if it doesn't work right away. Their defense is not set up to stop our offense, but they have great athletes.

On defense the key is Shanle on Shockey. If he can cover him, we can play games with our safeties. Look for the three down linemen defense, because if they run on us we are in for a shoot-out. Our corners can play their wideouts man for man. They are good but not great. If these things happen, then Bohl must find a way to get pressure on Dorsey. He is very good but has not seen any pressure. This will be tough because they probably have the best line in the country. Our defense is designed to stop this kind of offense. Doing it won't be easy.

The bottom line is that they are probably 3 to 5 points better than we are on a neutral field. But this won't be a neutral field and we have a huge motivational advantage because no one thinks we should be there. I would love to give this pregame speech. We win because of these factors. I have not been so sure since the '94 vermin game.

With the help of my great friend darren we will file a report from the game as soon as it is over. We are about to live history. Enjoy every minute. I can't wait to get there.
-- The Colonel



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