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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 8, 1998

We need an I-back bad. We can't seem to get a running game started. Some of that could be that our QBs don't get us in the right play. But we need Evans real bad. The other guys are solid, but we need a breakaway threat.

Crouch was tremendous. He threw and passed well. We need both Crouch and Newcombe on the field because we are short on playmakers, and that's what both of those guys are. Our receivers caught the ball better than I have seen them do in a long time. We are so young on both sides of the ball and the rash of injuries has really hurt our consistency.

The defense played fine if you consider that we had two freshmen playing tackle. Both looked good to me. Slechkta in particular was disruptive. Don't overrate them moving the ball a little. Kaiser will make plays the other guys don't but lacks a little ballast against the run. At one point burnt toast tried to go into the game. A coach stopped him before I could get to the field to pull him out myself.

This team needs a game against a real opponent, not one that they are 40-point favorites against. And we need to get our people heathy. Then we will know how good this team really is. The last thought is on Frank: I believe he will get as much out of this team as Tom would have. This season can be a lot of fun because our team is not great yet and it will be fun to see this team improve.
-- The Colonel



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