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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 20, 1997

Our defense had its way with a bad offense. The line was on a jailbreak all day. Rucker was unstoppable and a factor on every play. Most of the young defensive backs and linebackers played well. But good old No. 11, who shall from now on be known in this space as Burnt Toast, was located as soon as he got in the game.

It was good to see the kickers, Brown and Kosch, both have solid games. The Maryland-I was a lot of fun, and I like the new set with the w-backs standing. And how'd you like Makovicka's touchdown? He didn't catch the ball -- his body enveloped it.

Frost runs tough and is executing the option just fine. But his passing -- well, let's not beat around the bush. It goes from fair to awful, and on Saturday it was inept. He had three good throws all day. Right before the half you may have noticed that Lance Brown was just incensed because he was four yards behind the defender and the pass was nowhere close. Here's my nightmare: We're down by 3 in the Orange Bowl with two minutes left and 80 yards to go. Then what?

But with any luck it won't come down to that. This is Peter's and Wistrom's and Taylor's team, and they are determined to win and won't let the team slack off.
-- The Colonel



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