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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 21, 1999

Where to start? I will talk about the positive first. That was the best job by our D when we needed it that I can ever remember. A guy who was disruptive for us but didn't get a lot of recognition was Lohr. They couldn't block him. Our D just stopped them over and over in tough spots. Losing Johnson hurt, but we have so many playmakers on that side of the ball, we will be fine.

Now the problem. We need to throw the ball when they put 11 men on the line as they did all day. This happened last year and we never solved it. You can say the line didn't block and Crouch had a bad day, and Alexander had a bad day. ButFrank had a bad day. You gotta hit them where they ain't, and we never did. We must throw the ball on first down. You can't wear them down with the run when you never have the ball. And Saturday we couldn't even hang on to it. We need to spread them out, run some shotgun on first down, and that will at least give us some running lanes. But don't be too harsh on the players when they are not put in position to succeed. Crouch wasn't sharp and needs to play better, but he was mostly passing on passing downs and that is not what we do. Get Bobby the ballhe is not out there to block. I know he fumbled and dropped the pass, but run him right back out there. He is too important to not be contributing. Use Walker on offense also -- we just need guys who can go the distance in the worst way.

Missouri is a solid team but not as good as what we just saw. If we could just find a way to get 350 yards and 24 points, this defense will take us a long way. We don't have personnel to run at them when they take it away. You have heard theold saying that they dared us to pass. These guys begged us to, and we still wouldn't do it. You will see nothing but 11-man fronts until we do.
-- The Colonel



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