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Colonel Mustard

Dec. 31, 2003

A nice win to end the season. We really needed that one. Whatever happens, it was a great reflection on both Frank and Bo that the team played well for them. We had more energy and enthusiasm than we displayed during the year. In my mind, Bo did nothing to hurt himself as a candidate during the game and entire month preceding. He is a class act and a strong personality. I bet that the Bobfather was the last HC to get a personal foul. I would be very happy if Bo gets the job. Steve has a decision and I have an opinion. But if it were my choice, Bo would be my guy.

The game played out as many of our early season wins did. Stifling defense and ball control on offense. Michigan State has a good team and this was a good test. Giving Ross the majority of the carries and going back to being an I-back oriented running team were positives. Ross handled the load, although he was wearing down at the end and probably had a few too many carries. Kriewald will give us fine FB play next year, and our receiving corps has four legitimate threats. We need to upgrade the line with our young players and improve the passing game with Joe. Lord missed two wide-open guys, but so did they.

If Bo leaves, the D will miss his schemes and leadership. They believe in him and know he will put them in position to succeed. Smoker is the real deal and we basically shut him down. We have speed and athleticism in the secondary and many talented young linebackers. If our young D-linemen mature and improve, our D should even be better next year. We will miss Williams -- he was as disruptive a player as we have ever had.

I am very optimistic about next year. We have a lot of young talent, and the defense showed what can be done if they are well-coached. Whoever is our next coach is coming into a good situation. As I have said, I have faith in Steve and will support whomever he picks. His career at Nebraska will be defined by this decision. If he picks Bo, I will have faith in Steve and be relieved and happy.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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