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April 19, 2002

We have a big weekend in store, with the spring game and huge series with Oklahoma State in baseball. Some thoughts on both subjects. First in baseball, we don't have enough power, and Hopper's injury makes that worse. He is 3 for 21 since he was hurt. We don't have another 1st baseman so it hurts the defense. our defense has been awful. When we last spoke I felt good about the team because of pitching depth and we could live with limited offense. The other problem has been leadership. We really miss Stern and Cole. We have blown too many close games. I hope the Creighton game gives our confidence a boost. Without Komine, we need to get two games in Stillwater. To do that we need to start catching the ball and get better relief pitching to have a chance. It would be a shame to build a stadium to host regionals and not have a good enough record. Let's hope the Creighton win fires us up.

This is the most anticipated spring game in 20 years. I can't wait to see Dukes and Stuntz. We won't learn much about Lord because of the green shirt. The offensive line appears to be a large problem. I hope Davis can play, because if he can establish himself maybe Frank will move Collins to WB. One of those two needs to move. Simmons and Ross supposedly have had great springs. On defense I want to see the line and Williams. Amos of course is a big loss, but I like Ricketts and McPherson. We have got to find a way to get penetration from the D-line -- that has been absent the last two years. One of the rush ends needs to be a star. I think they are going to have a hard time keeping Trevor Johnson on the bench.

I am very excited about tomorrow. This is a big season for Frank. There seems to be a feeling here that we will struggle to win nine games this year. We have a lot of questions, but we have a lot of young talent. Don't be down about the Rose Bowl -- we lost to a great team. They will have five 1st-rounders and 11 drafted. Combine that with a poor offensive plan on our part and you have as my friend Darren says a recipe for disaster. We are so poorly thought of that the Iowa State people think they are going to beat us.

I will give you a full report on Monday.
-- The Colonel



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