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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 15, 2003

Another good win over a team that isn't nearly as talented as it was last year. We now have a formula for success. Hang on to the ball and play strong defense. We were the far superior team. Lord's miscues kept them in the game. This could have easily been a rout.

On offense, if we are going to get that many fumbles, picks and poor audibles, we might as well play Joe. At least he has a chance to get better. I was amazed that Joe didn't play in the second quarter. The O-line and Davis really did a nice job. I just don't know how long we can keep moving the ball with such a limited playbook. This was old-style Nebraska football, but we will need more balance.

On defense, they neutralized Williams and we had trouble getting pressure, but they didn't have a real running back and Mills was a little wild. I am impressed with how hard our defense plays. The improvement in one year is huge. Smith and Ruud both had terrific games.

The bottom line is that we have a good team and we have found a way to win. We are beating teams that aren't as good as they were supposed to be. We won't lose games that we shouldn't as we did last year. But with the vermin, Texas and K-Stafe looming, we must deal with our QB situation. Do we be safe and play Lord and get predictable results, or try Joe and see what he can do? I know what I would do. The coaches don't trust Lord and they basically said as much with their action. The difference between and good and great this year hinges on this decision. It's Barney and Frank's call.
-- The Colonel



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