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Colonel Mustard

Dec. 3, 2005

That was an amazing game. This was the most surprising game that I can remember. Certainly the best performance we have had in the last 4 years. Bill figured out the importance of motivation in the college game. The Vermin gave us a huge boost with their pre-game antics which contributed to the win. Bill had this team ready to play and had a superior game plan. This is a sign of tremendous progress and hopefully is a trend that will continue in the bowl. This game was not as close as the score indicated.

Zac was on fire and the receivers were running open for the entire game. It is interesting that all of the significant contributors in the receiving corps were on the team last year. Maybe we didn’t lack talent last year so much as the talent needed to develop. The line for the 2nd game in a row did a good job on pass protection. Most of the sacks were coverage sacks. Using Ross as a slot receiver was extremely effective. However the running game continues to struggle. I see a great deal of hope in Lucky. He is an electric runner and always one step from gone. I think that Swift’s development is fascinating. From no catches in the first half of the season to probably the best offensive player we have.

Our linebackers had their best game of the year. The Vermin were off balance and confused all day. We played with fire and determination that has been lacking at times this year. We jumped plays and attacked the pocket.

Bill motivated his team with the help of the Vermin. This is the first time that we have seen real progress in a game situation .Clearly the Vermin were surprised at what was happening to them and didn’t respond. This is the kind of feel good victory that you can build on. My hope is that Bill sees the massive effect that motivation has on the game. If we win the bowl game it will produce tremendous momentum for the off-season. Clearly this game was by far Bill’s best effort since coming to Nebraska. I hope it continues.

Keep the Faith
-- The Colonel



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