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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 11, 2003

Now the season begins in earnest. In my mind the next two games decide Frank's future. My view of things has only been slightly amended since the beginning of the year. I said he needed to win nine games. I believe that he needs to win nine regular-season games. If he loses at home and to the vermin for the third straight year, he is probably done, right or wrong. We will have had a losing record in the conference over a two-year period and slipped badly. Frank has broken at least five streaks that span over a quarter century. He has the four worst offenses in the last third of a century, in a time when the rules have never been more offense-friendly. We had a bad year last year and the Texas game was embarrassing. We are just hoping not to get blown out in big games. This comes from a program that the national championship ran through for over a decade. Tom's program took a step back from the Bobfather's but never this badly. We are not competitive with the best teams in our league, and with our level of commitment that is not acceptable. Our program has slipped back in the pack, and that is not OK. I have been a supporter of Frank all along, and I wish that he would succeed. Unfortunately I don't think he is going to make it. If we play poorly and uninspired against K-State, it is over. This will be a difficult game for us to win because they have more talent, but their coaching advantage is less than it has been in the last five years. Frank was unable to generate offense even with No. 7, and now his inability to get a difference-making I-back or QB is haunting us. Frank is still suffering from the loss in Texas in '99 -- he had the best team in the country, and if he had won the national championship, he would have had some room.

The Kansas game was more of the same. We ran the ball much better on Kansas than Texas and the line played better. The line played better because Kansas doesn't have athletes and stayed in their base D all day. The line had a bad day in Austin because Texas had 10 good athletes in the box. In Lawrence, it was more about the competition than our performance. Lord had a poor day throwing long and a good day on the intermediate routes. He did a good job of checking down to his 3rd and 4th option. They moved the ball on us and their QB was impressive for a freshman. Ross looked better than any I-back all year, and if he can keep that up we have a reliable option. We spread the carries around, which is another good sign. Kriewald makes a huge difference with his blocking on the option.

The bottom line is that right or wrong Frank needs to win this game and it will be difficult. They are hot and their D is playing better than they have all year. If we are uninspired and play poorly, the pressure will be tremendous. He needs to win the last two, and it won't be easy.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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