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Colonel Mustard

Dec. 26, 2002

Frank got his guy. I have picked on Frank a lot lately, but he selected and got his man in Pelini. He closed the deal. Pelini will help with recruiting, and his hire has added energy to the program. He is just what we needed -- a young, aggressive guy with pro experience. Good for Frank. No one wants Frank to succeed more than I do. He needs to pick his O.C., for recruiting purposes if for no other reason.

I believe we will win this game. Their coach is looking around and Manning might turn pro, so I don't know what their mental state will be. But, as it has been all season, it is more about our team than the opponent. We should be loose and ready. The coaches should be aggressive and it will fun to see what they come up with. I like Albin and he is going to get a chance at a full-time assistant job. Burrow and Albin are very experienced and should game-plan as well as Bohl.

The other reason I like our chances is that over the last few years we have been way too physical for SEC teams. Ole miss wants to get in the shotgun and throw. Their running is predominantly draws and sprint draws. Manning is good but not mobile. We need a pass rush and have had trouble generating that all year. The new coaches hopefully can game-plan the right blitzes. If we can get pressure on Manning this game could be a rout. They have a good LB in Strong but have a terrible run defense, so we will score.

The Pederson hire assures us that the blessed institution will have a first-rate football-led athletic program for the foreseeable future. The Pelini hire gives the program and Frank a boost in confidence. I believe that the worst days are behind and we start on the road back with a big win on Friday.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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