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Jan. 2, 1998 (a.m.)

Here we are in Miami with the usual suspects: Mr. Golf from Omaha, the good Doctor and Carol from Georgia, the family Deav, and of course Colonel Jr. Crappy weather here, rainy and real windy. Not a problem for the Colonel, of course, I'm here for one purpose and one purpose only.

We found a great place called the Iguana Cafe to watch the Big 10/Pac 12 championship yesterday. (They played the Alan Parsons Project tune at halftime and the place went nuts.) The Iguana doesn't quite stack up to the old reliable Elbo Room but is pretty fair nonetheless. We got a little over-served, but it's hard not to do with our crowd.

We found it real interesting that the Michigan players were wearing national championship hats after their game that lasted 59 minutes and 59 seconds. The Colonel wonders: What poll made them number 1?

The way I see it, the Michigan win should focus our guys on winning this for Tom. Period. End of sentence. We're not playing for style points, to cover the spread etc.

It will take some of the adventure out of tonight's contest being out here at Joe Robbie or Pro Player or whatever they're calling it this week. The good Doctor is disappointed we won't get to have a pregame cocktail at the Orange Bowl Bar, but I guess that's progress.

In some ways what poetic justice it would be for T.O. to end his career 13-0 and still be in second place. I know over the years Dr. Tom and I haven't always seen eye to eye, but tonight we all just need to enjoy his final game and appreciate all that he has done (while stomping all over the Vols).
-- The Colonel



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