1963 (24K)
1963: 74 pages
Inside: Out with the old stadium clock.
Notable: Includes one-page feature on
new NU basketball coach Joe Cipriano.
1963 games
1965 (22K)
1964 (26K)
1964: 96 pages
Inside: Devaney photo.
• The N Club Sweetheart.
• Guides from the 1960s usually
had an all-opponent team
from the previous season.
1964 games
1965 (22K)
1965: 104 pages
On cover: Bob Devaney & players (detail).
Notable: First NU guide to list offensive and
defensive platoons; first mention of "Black Shirts."
Inside: A Husker TV game was a rare treat.
1965 games
1966 (8K)
1966: 124 pages
On cover: Larry Wachholtz
Inside: A list of players' nicknames
was a standard feature
1966 games
1967 (33K)
1967: 120 pages
On cover: Ben Gregory,
Vicki Hokanson, Wayne Meylan.
Inside: A longer offseason to endure
back then -- fall camp started Aug. 28.
1967 games
1968 (26K)
1968: 132 pages
On cover: Bob Devaney, new press box
Inside: Wayne Meylan & Ed Weir.
• Coaches' capsules were illustrated
by fullback Dick Davis, an art major
1968 games
1969 (23K)
1969: 136 pages
On cover: CFB centennial NU helmet
(It was also the university's centennial year)
Inside: Hmmm, do you suppose any of
last year's freshmen will have an impact?
1969 games
1970 (23K)
1970: 152 pages
On cover: Bob Devaney, players (detail).
Inside: Devaney's assistants.
• Team logos of the era.
• Devaney's 100th win. • All-time team
1970 games
1971 (21K)
1971: 176 pages
On cover: Jeff Kinney (detail), Bob Devaney
First use of full-color photos inside
Inside: Jerry Tagge looking sharp.
1971 games
1972 (24K)
1972: 208 pages
Notable: Bob Devaney's final season
Inside: This mug shot was starting
to look familiar.
1972 games
1973 (20K)
1973: 208 pages
On cover: Tom Osborne, Dave Humm,
John Dutton, Daryl White
Inside: Osborne photo
1973 games
1974 (19K)
1974: 216 pages
Inside: Birth of Herbie Husker
1974 games
1975 (21K)
1975: 232 pages
Inside: The thrill of last-minute victory
1975 games
1976 (31K)
1976: 248 pages
On cover: Clete Pillen,
Mike Fultz, Dave Butterfield
Inside: Final season for this
storied assistant coach.
1976 games
1977 (33K)
1977: 256 pages
Inside: First year on staff
for this defensive assistant.
1977 games
1978 (35K)
1978: 280 pages
Inside: Years later, a look back
at the opposing coaching staffs can turn up
a surprising name or two.
1978 games
1979 (28K)
1979: 296 pages
On cover: Tom Osborne;
#89 Junior Miller; #32 I.M. Hipp;
#22 Kenny Brown; #39 Andra Franklin;
#57 Kelly Saalfeld; #51 Kerry Weinmaster
Inside: Athletic Dept. assistant
1979 games
1980 (28K)
1980: 308 pages
On cover: Jarvis Redwine
Inside: Big Eight All-Decade Team
1980 games
1981 (26K)
1981: 328 pages
It's called a "media guide" for first time.
On cover: Jimmy Williams,
Roger Craig, Dan Hurley, Tom Osborne.
Inside: Can we lock in these tuition rates?
1981 games
1982 (33K)
1982: 296 pages
On cover: Turner Gill, Dave Rimington
Inside: The letterman
1982 games
1983 (23K)
1983: 312 pages
On cover: Mike Rozier
Inside: A new era on the radio front
1983 games
1984 (25K)
1984: 312 pages
Inside: Osborne collage
1984 games
1985 (30K)
1985: 308 pages
On cover: Doug DuBose.
Inside: It was the final season
for this longtime assistant.
1985 games
1986 (24K)
1986: 304 pages
On cover: Danny Noonan.
Notable: The last guide with a
composite schedule on back cover,
a fixture since at least 1964
1986 games
1987 (20K)
1987: 288 pages
On cover: Tom Osborne,
Keith Jones, Broderick Thomas
Inside: He wasn't on the cover,
but he made six Pro Bowls.
1987 games
1988 (21K)
1988: 308 pages
On cover: Tom Osborne,
Steve Taylor, Broderick Thomas.
Inside: Final season for the last Osborne
assistant from Bob Devaney's staff.
1988 games
1989 (22K)
1989: 320 pages
100th NU season
On cover: Ken Clark
Inside: The players aren't the only
ones who fire up the crowd.
1989 games
1990 (21K)
1990: 328 pages
Last guide in 5.25" x 7.5" format
On cover: Pat Tyrance
Inside: The beginnings of
a championship run.
1990 games

It’s a rite of late summer to thumb through a freshly minted NU media guide in anticipation of the season to come. Media guides from yesteryear, on the other hand, offer a fascinating window to seasons and eras past. This collection spans the years of small-format guides, 1990 and earlier.

Got a guide from before 1963? Let us know and we'll find a way to add it to this collection.

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