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Colonel Mustard

May 4, 2004

Well, we have been though the most difficult period in the last 40 years of Nebraska football. The burning questions are how do we stand now and have we laid the groundwork to return to prominence. I agreed with making a change; as much as I admire Frank, he was clearly not the guy. The selection process could have been handled better and frankly became an embarrassing circus. Bo was my choice, but it was not my decision to make. As I said at the time, I support Steve and his decision. I believe his choice has a large risk/reward factor. On one hand you have a Super Bowl coach who can teach our kids what the pros are looking for. That will help recruiting. On the other hand, he has only been a head coach for just two seasons and his team rebelled against him. But of course those were expensive prima donnas. His coaching was not universally praised in the pros. He brings a West Coast passing offense. I hope he doesn't forget that he needs to run the ball here. For years we laughed at Skippy throwing in the snow.

The staff is kind of a mixed bag. Wagner is a nice addition, and the two coaches from the Raiders will add continuity -- they know the system. Gill as receivers coach in a pro-style offense is a curious choice, but he is the bridge to the old staff. On the whole I think the defensive staff is a downgrade. Blake is a great recruiter and a former NFL line coach. I am excited about him. Cosgrove comes from a mid-level Big 10 program that hasn't had great defenses lately. He is recruiting the Big 10 geography which has never been fertile ground for us. Elmassian has had more jobs than my friend Mr. Golf and he is recruiting in areas we have had a hard time pulling players. Overall, the staff has several good additions and some that are hard to understand.

I learned very little from the spring game. Dailey was effective against a watered-down defense. He was slow in his reads, which is to be expected. We made a lot of execution mistakes, but that is also to be expected. And in any offense Pilkington is always open. He will catch 75 passes this year. Our defense is very good and will need to be. There is almost no depth on the team from several years of poor recruiting. We have one QB who can play and no one behind him. Adams had better be all that we hope for. We have never been in this position that I remember -- we are excited because a second-string JC guy is going to come in and save us.

I have a hard time getting excited about Callahan and his staff, even though I want to. For whatever reason I feel distant from the program for the first time in my life. My friend Phil says we don't know how to react, because we have been lucky not to have to go though a coaching change. I really hope that Callahan works out because I don't want to go though this again. I know that he will be under pressure to win now. The problem is that it will take couple of years for him to rebuild our talent with players that suit his system. I wish Callahan the best and want very badly for him to succeed. We need to be patient enough to give him a chance.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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