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Nov. 13, 2001

Well, lots to talk about. That was a nice win. This game was not anywhere near as close as the score indicated. We have a much better team. Roberson was, as we thought, erratic. The vermin loom and we will do a preview of that game next week. But I will tell you now, that is one we should win.

Mixed bag on special teams. The returns were well blocked, and coverage was good. Groce is turning into a weapon, but I believe the biggest improvementis in the blocking he receives. We need a new snapper. Garrison was perfect before this year, and full-time playing has made him a poor deep snapper. There could be a lot of reasons, but there is definitely a pattern.

I was shocked and also pleased that we could just beat these guys with power football. I was sure we would have to throw some to win. We have become efficient enough in the passing game that we should use it. The illegal formation was absent. I think it is great that we are winning with power, but I don't think we are using all of our weapons. Weplay like the pros, just show enough to get the win. Diedrick is a force; every week he displays more power and the ability to break tackles. Heisn't fast, but he is a punishing runner. Perfect for the style we have decided to play.

By far the most important play of the game was the pass to Gibson in the third quarter. That was a game-changer. After that play we never looked back. We showed two new formations, no backs and four wides with Judd offset in the backfield. Neither was effective, but I like it that Frank is showing new looks. It makes us harder to prepare for.

The D played another good game. I think we should have done a better job with the QB draw, since from the third quarter on that is about all theyran out of the shotgun. You could tell that ol' Bill was desperate when he ran the throwback pass so early. We couldn't stop big ol' Hall, but theystopped using him. We should thank Bill for that.

Ricketts was on Lockett all night, including the TD. Now you know I love Pat, but Lockett is their only receiving threat and we had our third-best corner on him. Bohl has to do a better job on match-ups. Against OU he let Swiney guard Savage. Amos adds another playmaker. I would like to see him and Bland on the field more together. Overall I was just not very impressed with their offense. I thinkthe whole team has dropped a notch in talent. That really breaks my heart.

We will talk about the vermin next week. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but as it stands now, I would rather play Oklahoma and Miami than Texas and Florida. One man's opinion. But I hope we get the chance to worry about the match-up in both games. It will be a good problem.
-- The Colonel



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