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Sept. 14, 1999 update

Evans' quitting the team is too bad, but he just didn't seem to have it this year. I want Alexander to have 20 carries and see what happens. Putting Bobby at WB ensures that all our best athletes are on the field and as we have said before he can be a pro WR and kick returner.

I hope this is the end of this and we can get on with the season. Bobby needs to be a star and this way he will be one again. He will get a big cheer when he lines up to run back his first punt.
Sept. 13, 1999

We have a team that makes me nervous. I think they are fragile -- not physically, but mentally. We will find out how good we are this week because we play either the second or third best team on our schedule. Don't be fooled by the name -- this is a good team. They have two NFL-type receivers and a fine runner and QB. Their defense is fast and has Adalius Thomas, who is good, and a solid middle linebacker.

So after this week we will have a read on how good we are. Against Cal, our defense played very well again, especially Polk, against a pretty fair offense. They have an NFL coach in Holooe, and I thought their schemes were creative. Our line had way too many breakdowns and we could not get any consistency. Fortunately we made big plays. Newcombe I thought got a bad draw from the offensive line. Crouch picks up the team and is the better QB by far right now. But I stick to my guns and we need to keep alternating the QBs. Bobby really needs to have a good game for his confidence. He needs to relax and let the game come to him -- he is pressing. I hope the fans give him a big ovation when comes on the field. He is too good to sit out. Why does everyone think they have to pick a QB -- we will need both of them before the season is out. Our i-backs need more carries to get into the flow of the game, Because other than the big plays Saturday, we looked a lot like last year, which is disappointing.

This game scares me to death, but if we play well and beat these guys decisively, I think we have quite a team. Cheer for Newcombe on Saturday even if you think Crouch is better.
-- The Colonel



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