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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 27, 2002

I am not even going to attempt to predict what will happen Friday. This game should mean nothing to the vermin. They have nothing other than pride to gain by beating us. If it was someone else, Brown probably wouldn't play. We should be fired up and ready to play, but with this team you never know. If we get behind, this could get ugly. But we play better at home and the crowd will be into it. The nine-win streak is probably the most amazing streak in the history of team sports. Of all our streaks, this is the one that i am most proud of.

More important in the grand scheme is what happens on Saturday with the coaches. It seems that when confronted with the toughest decision of his Nebraska career, Byrne is trying to leave. If he does, we should call Steve Pederson at Pitt; he would be a terrific replacement. Byrne has lost ground with me no matter what he does because of the timing of his announcement. Win or lose on Friday, the future of the program rests in the staff changes. If the changes aren't massive, then I worry that this down spiral will continue.

I hope that we win Friday because any win over the vermin is a good one. But we have to win with bold and creative staff upgrades on Saturday.

GBR. Keep the faith.
-- The Colonel



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