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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 14, 1998

Don't get worried about this team until we get all of our players back. We are desperately in need of Evans. We completely ignored our I-back the whole second half. Crouch didn't do a great job of getting us into the right play, but as I said earlier that will take time. He is a good QB who had only a fair game because he was hurt. Christo's play shows how much of playing the position is knowing what to do and simply executing. His performance truly adds depth. The line has been OK, but we don't break running plays because our big-play guys are hurt. We may have to alternate Crouch and Newcombe to keep them healthy. I think Bobby is probably better, but I don't think as I have said all along he can take the pounding. If Bobby had been a WB he would have had more touches this year than he has had so far. Since he has to play QB, if we want him available for every game we need to play Crouch some. I don't think that is bad for the team because Crouch is a good QB also.

The defense was its old self in the secondhalf. We went to the zone blitz and the intensity level was good the whole game. Kelsay was tremendous. and now a whole new subject.

Ty Gifford is a WB at Lincoln Southeast. He is a great athlete and catches passes and runs the ball. We need him because both Wiggins and Brown graduate. He would have a chance to play right away. He has got to be a big target of our recruiting.

The bottom line is I am still very upbeat about this team. I can't wait to see our offense with Evans and a healthy Crouch and Newcombe. Finley and Wiltz should be ready and Rucker rested. I believe that the Washington defense is vulnerable, and their BYU game this weekend will tell us for sure. If BYU can run on them, we will be in business.

Keep the faith. There are better days ahead. Besides, there are worse things than winning ugly. Just ask Florida State.
-- The Colonel



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