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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 24, 2001

Best game we have played all year. If 7 keeps throwing like that, we will be very hard to stop. We could have thrown for 500 yards if we'd wanted to. They had only one safety, and he was outside the hash most of the time. They were set up to throw on, but that doesn't diminish the execution.

Wistrom is amazing, and I know I keep saying that, but every game he makes a great catch. Thomas and Gibson's contributions are very encouraging. What never ceases to impress me no matter how many times I see him is 7's speed. It takes the defense by surprise. All in all, far and away the best game the offense has played. Great balance, beautiful throws and multiple receivers.

Our developing defense gave up some yards and let some receivers get open. But this is a group with a lot more talent and speed than last year. Much more athletic. The second defense probably has more talent, just less experience. Richenberger is fun to watch on kickoffs and whenever he gets in the game . He needs a position shift to get on the field. Our defense will have lapses, but the trend is our friend here.

Overall I am more optimistic now than I have been all season. The team has bounce in its step, and 7 is healthy and throwing better than I have ever seen him. We are developing more receiving threats than Wistrom, and Diedrick takes the pressure off 7. This team has a great deal of young talent and a franchise QB -- it will be fun to watch them develop. Stuntz will throw and catch a TD this year.
-- The Colonel



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