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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 30, 1999

That was one of the worst coaching efforts in the second half that I have seen in a long time. Frank went into a shell like he did at Texas. He almost lost with the better team as he did down in Austin. It reminded me of Tom against Fla. State in '80 and '87 when he got out-coached and lost with the better team. Frank is struggling with going from advisor to decision-maker. But he is our guy and will get better.

Our offense is predicated this year on versatility, and when we become predictable we are easy to stop. We must keep throwing to move the ball. Bobby touched the ball three times. I'll bet the Colorado coaches were thrilled at that. Alexander was the ultimate risk-reward. He made two runs that no other back on our team could make (outrunning Kelly) and two of the worst mistakes possible. The fumble in the third quarter turned the game around. I love his running ability, but he is scary. There was no excuse for no Diedrich, and Gillespie's explanation was dumb.

The defense looked bad in the second half because they got worn down. We have learned that we can't leave them out there for too long.

Don't worry about the BCS -- we got closer than I ever thought that we would. I thought that was a distraction last week anyway. We have the game that we have been hoping for. This is the game of the season anyway -- win and it's on to a home game in the Fiesta Bowl against a beatable Tennessee team.

We have a better team than Texas, no doubt in my mind. But last week left me with an uneasy feeling. We will talk about Texas on Friday, but i am VERY nervous.
-- The Colonel



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