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Colonel Mustard

Dec. 20, 2002

Well, we made the most important hire of the season today. Pederson is an upgrade over Byrne and views us as a destination and not a stopover. He has a deep understanding of the football program from every level and has been in charge of recruiting. This is a great day for us.

Pelini should be confirmed today and Gill any day now. Pelini will be a breath of fresh air. I would think he could gather a terrific staff. Hopefully Frank doesn't require him to keep Jamrog. If gill is the pick, why wasn't he named on the first day? It is situations like this that cause you to question if Frank truly knows what he is trying to do or is just that indecisive. Now Dukes is having surgery on an injury that has bothered him all year. Are we ever going to make a good decision with this kid? His spring practice is ruined, and now we will go into fall practice trying to determine a starter. This is bad news and appears again to have been poorly handled.

Long-term, the program took a giant leap forward today, because we now have as talented an A.D. as there is in the country, and he is here to stay. I will sleep better tonight knowing that Pederson is in charge.

More including a bowl preview as news breaks. Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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