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Colonel Mustard

Jan. 5, 1998

Our best performance of the year. We were way too much for these guys. I wish we could have a go at Michigan. After watching the Rose Bowl, I am more convinced that we would just kill them.

In our game I couldn't believe that they didn't go downfield more often. They had 25 completions for only 187 yards. Our defensive staff did a great job by letting them complete passes and tackling them right away.

Little Makovicka was hurt the entire game. He limped between plays, but he played like a man possessed. We were penalized for illegal substitution because even though he was hurt he would not come out of the game.

Just like with Florida State and Miami and Florida, Tennesee got so tired of our boys pounding on them. By the fourth quarter they were dragging out of the huddle and limping back to it. The Southern teams are finesse and can't take the constant pounding, and Peyton looked rattled. Tee Martin would have been more trouble than Peyton.

I believe that Florida State is the second-best team in the country but we are the best by a wide margin again. It was wonderful to sit in the stadium and watch a dominant Nebraska team win a national title. I had waited my whole life to do it once, and now I've been able to do it twice in three years. Now the goal is to go 73-3 in six years. It is never too early to start thinking about that.
-- The Colonel



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