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Colonel Mustard

June 10, 2002

What an experience the past weekend at Haymarket Park was. As a season ticket holder it has been a fun season to watch. The atmosphere was incredible. I have told people for years that baseball could be a moneymaker here. In most places in the north it is a minor sport, but not here. We have a great coaching staff and first-class facilities and should be a power for the foreseeable future. Some folks think Van Horn will leave, but he is the only college coach who year in and year out can win the national championship without leaving his state. He would be crazy to leave.

As for the team, we will miss Hopper, but we are playing with a lot of confidence. Morris has come on and become the big stick that we were lacking early in the year. Simokaitis has become a star. He is a fantastic shortstop -- he made two unbelievable plays on Sunday. He is starting to hit. But even if he doesn't hit, he is a huge asset. We have a speedy, athletic outfield and other than Blevins play good D. Our pitching is sort of a mystery after Komine. I have seen Duensing, Rodrigue and Marsden both excel and struggle over the course of the year. But, after Shane I think you have to go with Marsden because without him you wouldn't be here. And Duensing seems to have the hot hand.

I hope that we can hit enough without Hopper. I think we will, and having the experience of last year is a big deal. We just have to hope our third and fourth starters hold up. Being from Omaha and going to the CWS my whole life, I can hardly express what a big deal this is to me. I was afraid I would never see that uniform on that field, and now we have done it twice. This is important to all Husker fans, but especially here in Omaha.

Sorry to see Richenberger go. As you know, I think that kid has a great deal of talent. I know a lot of you thought that I was too negative about the spring game. There were a lot of positives as well. But we will talk football when we are done with baseball. But by the way my computer password is Dukes.

I will file a report after each of our games. Clemson is the real deal with a star in Greene. But at this level, all the teams are excellent.
-- The Colonel



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