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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 31, 2005

Another very disappointing game that was winnable. Even though we fell behind early we had momentum in the 2nd half and couldn't capitalize. We were certainly outcoached but unlike last week the biggest disparity between the teams was talent. They had the best player on the field and also better lines on each side of the ball. The key play was the pick right before the half as we were driving and gave them an easy TD and a big lead. Now we must win at Kansas next week or this could turn into a scenario that none of us wants.

On offense we were helpless in the 1st half and I would recommend that Bill stop scripting the first 15 plays because it doesn't work. Zac had by far his worst game of the season. He missed open receivers and constantly made poor reads. They dropped several picks or this could have gotten real ugly. But man, he has a stronger arm than he showed us in the spring. He made some great throws and displayed he has a pro-caliber arm. In fairness he was hounded all day and this time it was the entire line not just the LT. We need to start keeping the TE's in to pass block they aren't a receiving threat so why not have them pass block. I believe that Ross is injured and therefore not himself. Somebody (Jordan) needs to coach Lucky to stop running into piles and ignoring holes. I thought the receivers had a good day and Swift is turning into a stud. Zac hung him out on one play and Swift still came down with the ball. Zac making poor decisions and an O-line that was overwhelmed is not a recipe for success. 283 yards and directly creating 10 points for the opponents is not going to win many games. We give the appearance of very poorly coached offense that has not found a go-to play or series of plays.

The defense did a solid job after getting overwhelmed early. 337 yards and 21 points allowed will win most games. Cos appears to be opposite of Frank's staff — he has a lousy game plan but he adjusts very well. The problem is that it has been too late 3 of the last 4 weeks. Clearly they had a better offensive line, but we aided them by playing our corners very deep and putting Ickes on Wilson in the slot. They attacked him immediately. Overall the defense did not lose this game.

On special teams our kids did a good job on the field goal plays and we did well on kickoff returns The lack of preparation for the obvious fake field goal and the 25 yard pooch kickoff to set OU up at the 40 were not our coaching staff's best moments.

We were beaten by a better team on Saturday, but our lack of execution and the special team coaching blunders certainly contributed to the loss of a very winnable game. Bill must win at Kansas much as we needed to at Iowa State last year.

Keep the faith. GBR.

-- The Colonel



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